Home Automation

WoSecure hubs are the central stone to making all your smart devices work together.
Our’s technology grow, traditional home automation hubs are becoming less and less necessary to build an interconnected home.

As We WoSecure,We providing home security and home automation, along camera with trainable artificial intelligence. The Wo Secure uses facial recognition, pet monitoring, and more via location training.

Cameras along Wireless functionality are proving very popular among modern security consumers due to their low installation costs (there is no need to run expensive video extension cables) and flexible mounting options; wireless cameras can be mounted/installed in locations previously unavailable to standard wired cameras. In addition to the ease of use and convenience of access, wireless security camera allows users to leverage broadband wireless internet to provide seamless video streaming over-internet.

It is the transmission of audio and video analog signals encoded as digital packets over high-bandwidth radio frequencies.

Advantages include:

  • Wide transmission range—usually close to 400 feet (open space, clear line of sight between camera and receiver)
  • High quality audio and video.
  • Its the communication between the camera and the receiver
  • Digital signal means you can transmit functions and commands, such as turning lights on and off.

Wireless security cameras function best when there is a clear line of sight between the camera and the receiver. Outdoors, and with clear line of sight, digital wireless cameras typically have a range between 200 and 400 feet. Indoors, the range can be limited to 150 to 180 feet. Cubical walls, windows, glass, and drywall generally do not displace wireless signal strength. Brick, walls, and concrete floors degrade signal strength. Trees that are in the line of sight of the wireless camera and receiver may also influence signal strength.

The signal range also depends on whether there are competing signals using the same frequency as the camera.Like signals from cordless phones or routers may affect signal strength. When this happens, the camera image may fixed, or appear “choppy”. Typically, the solution is to lock the channel that the wireless router operates on.

Although there are types of security cameras the most popular are dome, IP cameras, and bullet.
Cameras are one of the best ways to recognize and catch burglars, and we’ve picked the best ones based on price, smart features,image quality, and more.

In computing, a firewall is a network security system that controls outgoing and incoming network traffic and monitors based on predefined WoSecure rules. A firewall typically establishes a barrier between a reliable internal network and unreliable external network, such as the Internet.